The Government of India, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture has notified the following Order for the purpose of prohibiting and regulating the Import into India of agricultural articles with effect from 01st Apr 2004.

The new rule will be effective 1st day of April 2004 The Order may be called Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India)Order 2003. All consignments being imported into India by air and sea require a phytosanitory certificate from the country of origin if articles have been packed with packaging materials. This is mandatory.

If the Phytosanitory certificate does not accompany the shipment penalty is to be paid to Customs. The procedure for obtaining permission and clearance from Customs Local quarantine authorities is extremely expensive, cumbersome and lengthy. Besides shipments / consignments will accrue demurrage / detention which will all be at the cost of the Shipper/importer.

It is also not guaranteed that Express will be successful in obtaining the necessary permission and documents on arrival. It is purely at the discretion of the Government of India. Fumigation coming soon...